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Nothing left to do but dance – this boogie is for real
06. November 2017  
Aga Koch- Painting
In my latest works, I try to break (a bit more) from perfectionism. Want to be more spontaneous and irrational.
Try to allow my body to do what it wants and convince my head to trust it. My colors got noisier, the lines a bit faster and gestural.

Working on this series, I had initially 60 pieces of paper in the process (about 18 pieces didn’t make it till the happy end).
There was a lot of music involved and my painting sessions were quite loud this time.
That’s why I decided to title them using excerpts from songs lyrics I heard during that period of time.
It really felt like dancing this time.  

Let's levitate
12. April 2015
Aga Koch- Painting

Lately I heard that yogis in Himalaya don’t levitate because the global awareness, or rather state of mind, is so heavy that it influences even them.
And if we all would believe we could levitate, we probably would!
So I have this idea for Obama, Putin und Merkel to manipulate the media a little bit more than they already do and tell on the News, there is a pill that makes people levitate.  
Pharmaceutical industry would be more than happy to sell us some sugar pills  and  I could finally levitate.

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