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Aga Koch is an abstract artist living and working in Stuttgart, Germany. Her soulful approach to painting (and living)  inspires people to  welcome spontaneous expression back into the creative process.
Combining  years of professional painting experience with her background as a  lifelong truth seeker, Aga infuses her painting style with a deep connection to body, mind, and spirit. This unique fusion offers up a truly transformational experience—one that honors intuition, self-discovery and the perfectly ever-changing present moment.
Aga’s striking original paintings are part of private art collections in USA, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates and Poland.

When not busy with art-making, Aga can often be found gardening, riding her bike, meditating or twisting herself up on a yoga mat.  She is extremely grateful to be doing her soul’s work and inspiring others to do the same.

I am fascinated by transparency of things!
I am interested in the way images change when combined with each other, as well as the alchemy which seems to occur when the transparency of layers takes over.

I would like my paintings to act as a contemplative space where the viewer can make their own connections and form their own interpretations. My aim is to express something of the transience and vulnerability of the human condition as well as the surreal and fragmented nature of the world around us. My way of working is about the balance between control and unpredictability. Chance and risk are allowed full scope, so that intention and the unexpected converge.


1975 born in Czestochowa, Poland / lives and works in Stuttgart

1994-2000  art classes with the painter Aleksander Markowski

1995-2000  MBA in University of Economics in Crocow

since  2002  lives in Germany


2017   - Über den Rand - solo exhibition-  SchwabenGalerie - Stuttgart
         - Biologie der Seele - solo exhibition - Kulturraum der SchwabenGalerie - Stuttgart

2016   - Mitgliederausstellung - Kultur am Kelterberg - Stuttgart
         - Kunst a la Carte -  Kultur am Kelterberg - Stuttgart
         - Saatchi Art - Art for the Mid-Century Modern Home Collection

2015  -  Featured in the book dedicated to art collectors in South Germany 'Kunst sammeln'
            as a representation for Doris Nöth art collection
         - 'Alles im Rahmen und darüber hinaus' - Stuttgart, Kultur am Kelterberg
2014  - Selected for "The Face of Portraiture Collection" at  Saatchi Art
         - Mitgliederausstellung - Kultur am Kelterberg - Stuttgart
         - 'Cubes, blocks, squares' - Stuttgart
2013  - Selected for "The Pretty Woman Collection" at Saatchi Art
         - Antlitz! - Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
         - Mitgliederausstellung, Kultur am Kelterberg, Stuttgart
         - Herbstzeitlose -Kultur am Kelterberg, Stuttgart
         - Art Fair- Kultur am Kelterberg , Stuttgart

2012  - Shortlisted for 27th Art Competition of the Kreissparkasse Esslingen Foundation
         - "eARTh" - Kultur am Kelterberg , Stuttgart
         - 27 Art Competition 2012 Foundation Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nuertingen
         - Project 'Tischkultur' -Kultur am Kelterberg , Stuttgart
         - Espace Saint-Jean, Melun, France
         - Art Fair- Kultur am Kelterberg , Stuttgart

2011  - Urbanes Leben - Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
         - Art Fair- Kultur am Kelterberg , Stuttgart


2017         Eine Künstlerin, die ihre Bilder wachsen lässt von Sabine Schwieder
               Stuttgarter Zeitung -  Filder Zeitung 1. Feb. 2017

2015              G:sichtet  2. Kunst sammeln - eine (un)heimliche Leidenschaft.,
                     by Holle Nann, 2015,  published  by  Gatzanis

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